March 2023 Students of the Month

We have 3 wonderful students of the month for the month of March! 

Our first student of the month is Z. Z is such a great student and a lovely presence to have in class each week! She treats everyone with so much love and respect, and makes a point to speak with everyone in class. No matter the week, she is extremely inclusive towards everyone and makes sure nobody is left out.

Z is also a great leader and ALWAYS leads with kindness! She picks up choreography quickly and is always willing to lend a helping hand to any of her peers! Z is a great friend to others and a great helper to Ms. Krista. She is so wonderful and has grown so much in class 🙂


Our second Student of the month is Maya. Maya’s energy in class is truly the best! She is always so positive and happy, and she genuinely brightens everyone’s day! Maya has the biggest heart and makes other people feel welcome, included and part of something by supporting and lifting everyone up.

Maya is also such a hard-worker. The amount of growth she has shown over the last year is incredible! When being challenged with a new move she genuinely gets so excited and is always eager to learn. When there is a more challenging move she encourages everyone and is never afraid to try anything. The best way Ms. Ginny can describe Maya in class is a ray of sunshine in human form 🙂


Our last student of the month is Kayleigh! The feedback that we have gotten from her teacher is that Kayleigh is so welcoming to everyone new that comes to class! Since she started the class in September, she is always the first person to say hello to a new student and makes sure they feel included.

Kayleigh is so willing to help others and is always so humble. She goes out of her way to ensure that everyone is comfortable and truly goes above and beyond when welcoming someone new into the class. She should really be so proud of how far she’s come and the beautiful dancer that she is!

Congrats to our wonderful March Students of the Month! We love having you in class each week and are so proud of you all!

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