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If your project is not big enough for an architect, you may need to consult with a kitchen designer. Kitchen designers help to plan your renovation and get the right look you are after. They may charge : a one-time consulting fee, but it is more common for them to charge a percentage of the total renovation cost , as they will be managing the entire project. You can expect to pay about $326 for a one-time consultation or approximately 10% to 20% of the total cost for managing the project. Most kitchen remodeling cost estimates assume that you have about 200 square feet to work with - but if you are working with a smaller footprint, you will have fewer options for your renovation layout. Sometimes even having 200 square feet may not be enough for your ideal vision. In either of these cases, you might consider planning for a kitchen bump-out to increase your available space.split level ranch kitchen remodelAw, Im in the "love the ranch house / split level" camp. More power to you on getting a house to work for you! But I am mad-crazy for original features orange wood trim? yes please! especially the older ranches with their garish kitchen and bathroom colors, wood paneling, , and wood trim throughout. I want , a "dated" home to love "as is." 🙂 Search Location When you fall in love with a house for its great character, remodeling is a matter of helping new spaces live in harmony with old ones. At least, that's how Tom and Kim Prescott saw the renovation of their 1866 Italianate home and its woefully outdated kitchen. The couple and their three daughters lived in the suburban Naperville, Illinois, house for 10 long years before tackling a major overhaul that included bumping out the kitchen and adding an adjacent laundry room. By then, working with architect Fred Burghardt, kitchen designer Pamela Polvere, and contractor Marty Brummel, "we knew exactly what we wanted," says reno calculatorThere are several reasons to opt for a kitchen renovation. These include moving into a new house, buying a fixer-upper, or upgrading your existing kitchen space for aesthetic as well as functional purposes. Keep in mind that an extensive kitchen renovation is an expensive , prospect, as you’re dealing with components such as kitchen cabinets one of the most expensive elements of any kitchen remodel and countertops. You’ll probably also want to replace some or all of your kitchen appliances – requiring a healthy budget on your side. Most homeowners spend between $12,800 and $21,200 for the average kitchen renovation. The lower end of this spectrum covers smaller projects, such as refacing cabinets, installing a backsplash, painting, etc. In comparison, renovations that cost $30,000 typically involve the introduction of hardwood flooring, high-end appliances, and custom features.""""""""


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