*Please note we will be following the Ontario Government's Rules & Regulations closely for Covid-19 updates and will make any changes accordingly. All health protocols will be put in place to keep our students and staff as safe as possible*


Introducing SCDC's first March Break Dance Camp!

We are very excited to get moving and grooving together.


Let's get organized and see what group works with your child.

We have 2 age groups, Superstars & Superfloss~

* Superstar Group-> 4-7 yr olds (Half-Day or Full-Day)

* Superfloss Group-> 8-12 yr olds (Half-Day or Full-Day)


We will transform the studio into a creative space where we will work on a fun show to be performed on the last day of camp. Here are some of the activities we will do throughout camp!


  • Hip Hop

  • Jazz

  • Musical Theatre

  • Arts & Crafts

  • Music Video Creation

  • Park Hangouts

  • Final Performance on the last day

  • Camp Schedule TBA



March Break Camp

Before OR After Care (choose one)
Before Care AND After Care (both)
Half-Day - Starfish & Superstar Group
  •              IMPORTANT INFO

    • Time: Monday-Friday @ 9-4pm
    • Date: April 12-16, 2021
    • Ages: Superstar Group- 4-7 yrs & Superfloss Group- 8-11 yrs 
    • Price: $339 + HST - FULL DAY (9-4pm)
    • Price: $179 + HST - HALF DAY (9-12pm or 12-4pm)
    • Before OR After Care: $40/week (8:15-9am or 4-5pm)
    • Before AND After Care: $60/week (8:15-9am & 4-5pm)
    • Minimum # of participants: 8
    • Maximum # of participants: 16


                 WHAT TO WEAR

    • Wear Comfortable Clothes
    • Wear Indoor Running Shoes
    • Bring Filled Water Bottle
    • Bring Lunch (Nut-free)
    • Bring Snacks (Nut-free)
    • Bring Hat


    ***NEW POLICY**

    • New and returning students must sign a one-time registration form that will last 1 year
    • A covid waiver must be signed every session prior to the program
    • A face mask is required for all students and staff at all times 
    • A health check-in must be completed for every student and staff every day upon entry 
    • Our lobby is closed so parents must drop off their child at the front entrance with an SCDC staff member
    • A maximum class size of 9 students is permitted 
    • Indoor Shoes must be brought in a small bag to change into
    • In an effort to be environmental and waste-free, we will only allow reusable water bottles in our dance studio.
    • Our water fountain will officially be closed until further notice
    • Our SCDC staff clean the studio throughout the day including door handles, equipment, and floors
    • Read more on our covid-19 protocols and policies here



    Due to our community studio platform, we offer affordable and non-competitive programs providing a safe environment for our students.

    Here are the following conditions. Once registration has been submitted the conditions are final. 

    • Full 7-day refund from the date of purchase 
    • After 1 day, if the student is not satisfied they may get a full refund with a 15$ administrative fee deducted as well as the total amount for the day including hst
    • If a student does not participate in the class due to sickness, covid-19 uncertainty, family matters or any other reason 85% of any unused classes may be transferred to another program for up to 1 year from the date of purchase
    • Struggling financially, we're here to help. Let us know and we can work something out. 



    By submitting this registration form, I hereby agree to all of the following.

    1. I agree to participate in any dance, yoga, fitness-related classes, camps, birthday parties and workshops provided by St. Clair Dance Collective at 575 St. Clair W, Toronto as well as any of our virtual classes, outdoor programs, outdoor birthday parties, outdoor camps and workshops that could be done in a public park, backyard, or private location.
    2. I am aware of the risk of injury and consent to being responsible for my actions while not holding St. Clair Dance Collective responsible in any way.
    3. I am aware that it is my responsibility to consult a physician prior to participating and take full responsibility for any prior injuries, medical conditions, and or physiological issues. If any of these exist, I will notify the teacher prior to class.
    4. St. Clair Dance Collective is not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged personal belongings.
    5. I agree to waive any legal action towards St. Clair Dance Collective and any of its venues and fully agree to all of the above.