Stretching our Body!

Hi everyone! We hope you had a great week!

This blog is going to be speaking about the benefits of stretching. Before stretching, it is important to warm your muscles up by doing something to get your heart rate up like jumping jacks. Once your heart rate is up and your muscles are warm, stretching is a great way to get ready to dance!

There are an endless amount of benefits to stretching like:

-Increase in blood flow

-Lengthening of muscles

-Greater range of motion

-Injury prevention

-Improvement of lines when dancing

-Aids posture

-Improved flexibility

-Relaxation of muscles

All of these benefits will improve your comfort, health and overall quality of life.

Something that plays a large role in the tightening of muscles is stress. Stress makes our muscles contract which is very unhealthy. It is important to consistently stretch to ensure that our body does not tense up and so we can train our muscles to relax.

If you have 5 minutes free today we encourage everyone to take a stretch break :)