Misty Copeland

Today's blog is going to showcase one of the most phenomenal classical dancers of all time, Misty Copeland! If you have never heard of Misty, you're in for a treat!

Misty made history as the first ever female African American Principal dancer. She started training at the prestigious American Ballet Theatre and within 3 months of taking her very first dance class, transitioned into pointe shoes. If that isn't enough to wow you, just after 1 year of taking dance classes Misty began dancing professionally which is unheard of when it comes to classical dancing.

All of this did not come easy and she had to sacrifice a lot and work hard to get to where she is by sleeping in motel rooms and sharing the floor with 5 others.

Misty is an absolute dance icon and someone who proves you can do anything with the right mindset!

Checkout Misty dancing here:

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