Free Hop Hop Class in Cornwall, ON

What an incredible class we had at Riverdale Park in Cornwall, Ontario this past Thanksgiving Weekend. Ms. Christine taught a free 30 minute kids hip hop class for the first time in Cornwall and what a success! The community in Riverdale is so friendly, kind and caring with lots of green space and fresh air. We had 12 students participate with orange cones laid out 8 feet apart (with measuring tape) and despite the wind we had a blast! The students did a great job following instruction and working together as a group. What a pleasure it is to teach outdoors with leaves flying past us as we warm up and stretch, play freeze dance and learn some fun easy breakdance moves.

Check out the kids and Ms. Christine!

Overall a successful class in Riverdale Park. Can't wait to offer another class. Stay tuned for more info. Happy Thanksgiving ~

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