The Benefits of a Runners Lunge!

Hello and happy weekend :)

Today’s blog is going to outline how to do a proper runners lunge stretch with Ms. Krista! This stretch is great for warming up your hips and legs so you do not injure yourself while dancing. This stretch focuses on stabilizing your muscles in order to develop balance, coordination as well as stability.

Runners lunges also help with symmetry and alignment, which in turn makes you stand taller! There are an endless amount of benefits to runners lunges, but it is firstly so important to make sure you are doing them correctly.

Here are some tips to ensure you are properly completing a runners lunge:

-Ensure your front knee is not going over your toes

-Sit up nice and tall with a straight back

-Push your back heel towards the back wall, therefore straightening your back leg

-Really sit into this stretch by pushing those hips down

-Have fun and make sure you are breathing!!

This is a great stretch to incorporate in your daily stretching routine and overtime will become much easier. It can also help you achieve more advanced stretches like the splits!

We hope you enjoy this stretch!