A place for growth.

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Walk past Philosophy Fitness on a weekday evening and you’ll hear laughter and music streaming through the windows on the 2nd floor. It may be St. Clair Dance Collective’s kids’ hip hop, primary jazz or even adult ballet class, but one thing will be certain: dancers are having fun.

Two years ago, Christine Walker connected Phil Ortwein at Philosophy Fitness with the idea of St. Clair Dance Collective (SCDC). He was supportive of the studio immediately, and in September 2018, SCDC opened their doors at Philosophy Fitness to young dancers in the St. Clair area. It was hard work and a dream come true for Christine — Director of SCDC but better known in the studio as Ms. Christine — who wanted to provide a new path to dance for kids in her community.

SCDC is now marked to accommodate safe, distanced dancing.

“I’ve been a dancer my whole life and got my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance from Ryerson University, so I’ve been in many different dance environments. Not all of them made me feel happy, even though I loved dancing. So at SCDC, I wanted to create a space that focused on the enjoyment of dance, not a place where dancers would be so overwhelmed that they didn’t want to go back,” Christine explained.

That kind of environment clicked with many parents and students, and within three months of opening, the number of classes doubled because the demand was so great. This fall, SCDC is offering classes and programming six days a week.

A different approach

Whereas many dance studios require a full year commitment, enforce a dress code and use strict teaching styles, SCDC is focused on engaging the students on their dance journey in a way that actually fits the needs and goals of the dancer.

That means offering 10-week sessions in the fall, winter and spring. Dancers learn technique and a routine over the course of a session that they share with their family at an in-studio performance in the final week of classes. Students can then try a class and if it’s not the right fit, they aren’t stuck for a whole year. If they play a seasonal sport, like hockey, they can stop dancing for the winter. Or, if they love the class and want to continue, they can easily register for the next session.