A Dynamic Duo!

Hello everyone :)

Today we are going to highlight a pair of dancers that have added so much to the dance world and continue to amaze us with their talent. These two come as a pair and might be mistaken for one another quite often. If you have not guessed who we are talking about, it is Les Twins!

Laurent and Larry Bourgeois (33) are two of the most incredibly talented dancers with a phenomenal work ethic. Dance is an extremely tough art form that takes a lot of practice, which is why most people opt to learn from someone that is already familiar with the specific style of dance they are wanting to take up. Laurent and Larry are completely self taught dancers who learnt all of their talents through mimicking movement, making up their own moves and adding their own flair.

The hard work that went into them learning to dance on their own landed them in Beyonce’s music videos and tour, as well as in Jay Z’s tour. Obtaining a spot in a music video or a world tour is always a big accomplishment, let alone when it is with Beyonce and Jay Z! It is amazing to think about the fact that every movement in these music videos and tour dances stemmed from them being self taught and adopting their own style.

If that isn’t enough to WOW you, Les Twins were also on World of Dance in 2017. Despite an injury in the semi-finals that almost costed them their spot on the show, they still pushed through it and landed on top, winning the entire competition! Talk about perseverance!

If you have not watched these two dance click the link below to see how amazing they truly are.

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